Holiday Stress

I listened to a very well thought out assessment of holiday personal projects, stress, and worries. It was presented to be personalized.

In the mean time, Sid the Master Networker – Delegation and Time Management Advisor can fill the professional void while people are planing, enjoying, and worrying about the repeat of holidays past.

Nothing in life is perfect or totally predictable. But working together we can make the most of creating the best memories this year possible.

 Branded. Sid

My horoscope today has proved to be quite intuitive – ” Others often are confused by you, even when you try to be clear and concise as possible.”

Do not be mislead by my ability to be Sid the Master Networker – Delegation & Time Management Advisor. I could not stay relevant if it was not for my Support Team and Network Partners.

The bottom line is one does not need to be my Client to be my Network Partner. One does need to be my Network Partner for Sid to be their Client.


  • It is amazing how priorities can change when life dictates the need for immediate action. Storms, mass shootings, and wild fires have caused much death and destruction beyond our control
  •            I have escaped, at least for today, any new signs of Cancer. Diabetes on the other hand is a going to be the cause of my demise.

In the mean time, let Sid the Master Networker – Delegation & Priority Advisor, be your personal Business Development and Marketing Rep that can close Prospects, retain Clients, and grow both our businesses.
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Help Wanted

I read the other day that there are approximately 293,000 job opportunities in the Metro DC area.

“Company Culture” drives retention. There maybe Coaches, seminars, and Guides to success, but there is no learner’s permits and golf mulligans.

Sid the Master Networker – Delegation & Priority Specialist has no employees. I have Clients and Network Partners. Together we fill the needed voids in an individual business to close more Prospects, retain more Clients, and grow both our businesses.

Inquire on line. Thanks.